Friday, February 10, 2012

You're the Bomb!

I stole this idea from Pinterest. I really liked it and my hubby said it was his favorite so far as well! 
I cut the letters out with Old West and the heart with George and Basic Shapes. I used my edge distresser on the heart. The tag is super simple and a bit boring, but it was late and I had put most my effort into the "bomb". The rope that I used was left over from my sister's wedding, I think she got it at Hobby Lobby. It was all super easy and fun to make.

I realized that I am going to be gone for a couple days, out of town. So I won't post toast until the like Wednesday, but I will be sure to add all the pictures! 
Have a great weekend all!

1 comment:

  1. You won't post toast till Wednesday! Then you better make croutons out that bread. I love you T! That bomb is pretty awesome!
    Nannah Mitchelle