Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pinkalicious Blog Hop: Pillow Box

I love blog hopping and one of my favorite blogs to hop along with every month is blog hop. She and her designers are so incredibly talented, it's a joy to look at their amazing creations!
The blog challenge was to make a goodie bag or 3D item for a holiday, any holiday.
I love all the fall/winter holidays, but I chose Halloween since that's the next big celebration and I haven't done anything Halloween in a really long time.
I really like re-using things as much as possible until there is nothing left and I recently saw this idea on YouTube so I decided to give it a try.

I came up with a pillow box.
     The supplies I used were:
 1 TP roll
 2 coordinating patterned papers
 the Cricut cartridge Happily Ever After
 liquid glass by CTMH
 and googly eyes.
The base paper is cut at 4X5.5 and the stripes are also cut at 5.5
 The strip of owl and the words were one piece of paper before I cut them up. Then I fussy cut the little owl out, but ended up not using it.
Use a strong adhesive and attach the base layer paper to the roll however you plan.
Flatten the roll. Then get a strong adhesive and fold one of the top sides in. It will make it's own natural curve. You'll need to hold it for a bit and squeeze tight so it holds it shape well. Then add the adhesive and hold a bit longer. I shoved a foam paint brush in the other end to help me keep the ends together as the adhesive set.
This is how I decorated my box. The owl is cut out at 1 and 3/4 with the Disney happily Ever After cartridge. 

I added some liquid glass to the words and to the outline of my top layer on my owl, just to make it pop a bit. Then added the googly eyes.
I'm planning on making more of these for my little girls home pre-k class that we do with friends, and just stuff them with some candies. I just haven't decided how to close the top after they are full. I'm thinking I'll either staple them or just leave it open and add some ribbon, We'll see.....

I've also made a really fun little album with some TP rolls that I will hopefully post later this week. But I just thought this was a great idea and great way to use up the rolls. Also used them as chipboard!
Have a great week

First Craft Booth!

I did it! I did my first craft booth at a local Jr. high School. It was a lot of fun. A little bumpy, but I got my product and my name out there. It was a great learning experience and I really want to do another one.
I took a lot of notes and so I have a lot of great ideas for next time. So I am going to look around and see if I can find another one to do.
Anyway, it was like a bizarre/fair to raise money for the school. They were really sweet and very accommodating. They moved us when they noticed we weren't getting a lot of foot traffic. But the great thing was not only did they move my location, but they moved me to the front, 3rd table from the entrance!!  There was music, dancing, face painting, pet adoptions, everything. My favorite thing is not only was there not another Close To My Heart booth, but there wasn't even another scrapbooking booth.

I am a spaz and totally forgot to take pictures while I was there, but here are some cards that I made for the giveaway that we participated in. (they are crappy pics from my phone but it's all I took)

The "Live. Laugh. Love." card is my favorite out of these two.

I loved how both of these turned out. I hope I can recreate them cause they are so cute and fun!
So like I said, I really enjoyed doing the booth, and I am super proud of myself for doing it. I couldn't have done it without some special ladies, so thank you to them!
I'll post about the next one I, hopefully do and I'll take pictures next time as well!


Friday, October 7, 2011

CTMH Gathering part 2!

FINALLY I have time to blog my gathering, I am so excited. I had a lot of fun at the gathering and I think my friends did as well.
I didn't get a chance to take pictures during the gathering, but  I do have some of the project I did with them as well as the decorations.
So here they are....
here's the display that I had laid out for the ladies to see

A close up, my friend and upline Penny brought some of her beautiful cards and frames and candles
that she's made with CTMH products.

A banner that I made for the party. (Still hanging in my dining room hehe)


here is a close up of some of the products. And a memory game I made my girls.

made some yummy pumpkin spice cupcakes and topped them with a than you stamp 

some stamps, brads, liquid glass, stamp cleaner, and ribbon

Everyone got a little gift bag with the project that we made

The card that we made
 Apparently these pictures loaded backwards so stay with me while I explain everything backwards. (=

the butterflies after I sponged them

base of the card after I sponged it, LOL

The layers to the card and their measurements.
Brown: 4x4, turquoise: 1 1/2x3 3/4 pattern: 3 3/4x3 3/4 

cutting the paper

sponging the butterfly.  (that's my little hand on the right -see confession post)

to add ink to paper or anything with some texture and give it a distressed look, dip a sponge onto your ink and rub onto the paper either in a circular motion, along the edge, or in just a back and forth motion.
So that was my gathering. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to have another!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haven't Forgotten.....

I promise that I have not forgotten to do the other half of my post about the gathering. But The night I had it I got sick and I stayed sick the whole weekend! It was horrible! I am still getting better and should be able to post tomorrow.
Thanks for the patience to you all!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giveaway WINNER and CTMH gathering, part 1

Tomorrow is my first CTMH gathering and I am so super excited! I cannot wait, even though I am a bit nervous. Here is a picture of the card that we are going to make. (I had to take it with my phone cause my camera battery is dead)

 I am so sorry that I am so late on posting who the winner of the give away is. I've had a busy week. My oldest just turned 5 yesterday! I am still in a state of shock! It was a great day filled with Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jesse the cowgirl. But  I was able to pick a winner and this is how: I took all the names of the people that commented on my FB page and on my blog and I wrote them down then scrambled them up and pulled a random number, so the winner is...............................
Maria! YAY! I'm thinking I'll give it to you tomorrow, but that means you have to come! (=
Thanks to all who participated, I really appreciate it and hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


WOW someday I hope to be this good!

great job stampgoddess!

Journal Cover

I feel like I have been super busy with my crafts, but I am not complaining! I still have a couple more things that I need to get done sooner rather then later. So I'm crossing my fingers it will go well.
A couple days/week or so ago my sister in law came over and made a cover for her journal. Well I have made covers for composition books before, but I never thought about doing one for my journal!
I also have a church activity coming up and I said I would bring one of my composition notebooks, but I can't find them anywhere! So I figured I kill two birds with one stone and make a cover for my journal and use it at the activity! (Hopefully no one will take a sneak peek inside the book). (=
I used the elemental paper kit from CTMH

sponged the butterflies blue, and greed then added some glitter and foam adhesive

did 2 flowers and layered them with foam adhesive, then added a brad in the middle.
Also I sponged some bamboo ink on the flower and added some liquid glass.

Used this canvas sticker from the typset kit and stamped on it as well as added the dates for my journal.

This was super simple and super fun. Now hopefully I will write more often as I should be doing. (=

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Farm Raised

My family and I live on an awesome ranch, and my 4 year old loves mucking stalls with her grandma! Do not ask me why she enjoys it so much, but apparently she is good at it and she keeps mom company. Of course being able to ride after doing the dirty work doesn't hurt, I'm sure!

Anyway my mom got me the Country Life cricut cartridge, and I just love it! It has been out for a while and I have been dying for it for such a long time! As soon as my kids were in bed and I too care of some things around the house I got to work!

This is my first page layout that I have done with a CTMH paper pack. I used the elemental pack, and it worked perfect for this layout! 

The only paper that isn't CTMH is the barn because I really don't have a lot of papers yet. I think that is why it took me so long to do anything with the paper. I don't want to use it all and then it be gone, haha.

The blue print is cut at 9X9 the peach pattern is 3.5X12

I cut my barn out at 3.5
 I loved how simple it was to put together and how adorable it turned out!
All the papers are from different places and I have had them forever. I'm sorry I can't remember the brands.

I wrapped some twin around 3 times and popped up the words with some  foam stickers.
I used the the coordinating cardstocks from the elemental pack..
Cut at 3.5 inches as well.

Here is the page again. I just loved how it came out and it was really fast and simple!
 I couldn't help but post this page even though it is so super late! And don't worry I have not forgotten about the giveaway, I hope you haven't either. (=

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Close To My Heart booklet and my first giveaway!

Hey all! How is everyone? Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted anything, but I finally got my CTMH kit and I have been studying and trying to get a hold of everything I need to learn.
I have been having a lot of fun with it, but this is my first time I have ever done anything like this, so I am trying to learn as much as I can. Plus I have my girls pre-k I am doing, and a new calling at my church that I have been helping out with. So I have just been a little busy lately.
Anyway like  I said I got my kit and my upline came over and helped me go through it, so I knew what was what. She also gave me a free gift that I absolutely loved!
It's a little book that you can put together with ribbon, and decorate with coordinating stamp inks, stamps, and cut outs!  There were three books that you can make, a pink, a blue, and an orange one. I put together the pink and blue one, but I only decorated the pink one because of time. I am hoping to make the orange one on camera but I am still debating whether or not to do videos.
I also made a chipboard album that I want to post the video of, but again I am still not sure on whether or not I am going to do video blogs.
Anyway, here are the pictures of the little booklet, hope you like it!

Here is the pink booklet

First pages
I added the stamped image on the left page and the popped up flower on the right and you can see the flap and the velcro tab. 

These pages I added the photo corners and the "pure delight" stamp

I added the pop up flower and the journal tag as well as the words "Laugh" and "Live". The flower and the journal tags were empty, as well as everything else that I added. The paper pieces came with coordinating stamps.

The pages fold out so I added some decoration.

Tried to get them to match

This page says "Sweet Moments and then the photo corners again

Last page  I did the same as the first 2.

I left the back empty.
 You can see the flap that comes over and it came with Velcro tabs so you can shut it. 

Here's the backside and the front. You can see the velcro dot, the  popped up flower, and the ribbon.
The only thing on this booklet that is not made by CTMH is the pink ribbon. I have CTMH ribbon, but I wanted to save it for another project.
I really did have fun making this book, and I really want to make the others. I have a CTMH gathering coming up soon and I can't wait for it! I have to come up with a card design for it using the new stuff that I got.
I hope I am going to do OK at hosting it. So we'll see....

I really love this booklet, but I really want to share it with everyone. So leave a comment on this post about what you would do with this booklet if you win it. Then I'll post the winner in about a week.
Good luck!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Confession Time

OK first of all I got the email from CTMH and fe-dex today that said my stuff has shipped, YAY!  I am so excited, so sometime early next week will be my post about the kit!
But here is where the confession comes in, I am scared to do a video, but taking pictures is so long and hard to do. The reason why I am afraid to do the video is because my right arm is paralyzed and I don't know how I feel about recording myself doing crafts, when my hand will be in the "spotlight". HAHAHA
I don't know if people are just being nice or what, but usually they say they never even noticed my arm and the fact that it's paralyzed, so that helps with my self consciousnesses. (even though I'm usually not self conscious because I myself forget daily, and hourly about it) But if the video is just my hands, obviously y'all will notice, and I am not sure how I feel about that, or how y'all will feel about that. Especially since you'll be looking at my "little tight hand", (as my 4 yr old calls it), I don't want to bother anyone, -LOL.
Anyway that is my post for the day. I am trying to get in the habit of posting at least 3-4 times a week, so for awhile it might just be me rambling but at least I'll be posting.
Thanks y'all

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Adventures of the Heart!! =D

I am so excited and nervous at the same time! I love scrapbooking, card making, sewing, anything craft like, and now I am hoping to get even better at it.
I joined a company called Close To My Heart. They have great products, a great variety of things and even corresponding/matching ribbons, brads, papers, stamps and everything. The best thing about hem, is that they have GREAT prices.
I absolutely cannot wait until I get my kit!! I wish it's didn't take up to 14 days, patience is not a great virtue that I hold, LOL.
My favorite thing about the company is that they got together with Cricut and made the Art Philosophy cartridge! So the cartridge has 700 images on it and CTMH has stamps that work with some of the images that you can cut out! How amazing is that?!   This is where my lack of patience is hard to deal with. I have to wait until next month, (October) to get the cartridge, but that's because of personal reasons only.
Anyway I want it so bad because when you buy it from them, they send you some of that stamp sets that work with the cartridge plus some other goodies!
So here's my scoop, I love being a stay at home mom more then anything, my babies are the world to me! But I also love learning new things and who doesn't love making a little $$ on the side. So my first goal with joining to CTMH is to learn more about how I can become better at crafting, and to share my passion with all those who are interested in learning about it. Then if I make some money then I'll be so stoked. But that's not a huge priority here, it is a priority, but for now not a huge one. I'm just starting with the company and I really just want to be able to learn more about them before I get crazy ahead of myself.  (Which brings up the question, why am I already posting? -LOL)
So those are my rambling and excitement for now. I am so excited that I have 3 followers, I never thought in a million years that I'd actually reach anyone! So thank you tbabutterfly, JustYolie, and Respect my Kraft. You guys are great and I'm so happy you enjoyed my posts so far.
Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I'll  be sure to post as soon as I get my kit! (maybe sooner)   (=

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pink Stamper Service project

There is an awesome service project going on for the troops and breast cancer awareness.
Here is the link to the whole story:

Here is my card I am going to send.

I hope only the best for everyone who is involved in this project, and the nurse running the whole project.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Pink Stamper Pinkalicious Blog hop

Here is a card that I made for blog hop.
The challenge was to show your style by making your favorite thing. You could pick a color, or a cartridge or whatever you want. I picked my favorite border punch by ek success, and some prima's.

I left the tag blank so that later on I can add whatever saying I need to, depending on who will be receiving this card.
I got the paper from DCWV metallic mat stack. And the raw chip board I got from a store in Utah when I was visiting, I can't remember the brand and then I got the gold ribbon from a scrapbooking tote kit I got a couple years ago from Sam's Club. I inked the edges of the chipboard with some brown permanent stamp pad.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Grawe Sign

I am so excited to have a crafting blog again! Like our old family blog it got a virus and just died. But again I decided to start a blogspot, so far I am really liking it. It seems to be a lot easier to upload pictures, and that is a huge plus for me because most of my posts are just pictures.
So any way here is one craft that I have done lately!

I have been talking about doing this sign FOREVER! My sister made a sign like this one about 4 years ago, except with hers it says Family instead of her last name. And I have loved it the moment I saw it. But I really wanted to personalize it to my house and my family. Well obviously I decided to have our last time.
I did steal the idea of doing all the letters being miss-matched. My sister had the letters like this: "FaMilY" and they were all different sizes picture frames as well. I guess the person who taught her how to make the sign said it was suppose  My last name doesn't have as many letters but I did try with the upper and lower case letters with the different size pictures frames as well. Personally I loved the way it came out. I already had the brown vinyl, (I wanted to use green but I didn't want to buy more vinyl when I already had a color that would work) so I used green ribbon to bring in the green of my living room.
The tree is a great art decoration that the Easter Bunny brought me in my basket. If you know me, you know that I love trees!
I hope you enjoyed my first post for this blog. Please leave a comment. (=