Sunday, March 25, 2012

Must Try!

I want to try this for next weeks Maniac Monday, or maybe even sooner! (=

--Miss T

Maniac Monday!

In my opinion as a mother, is that Monday's are always crazy, wild, hectic, frustrating, and just plain exhausting!
So it is my new personal goal to get a little joy and excitement into them!
Three or four days out of the week my family and I go on a walk around our property, usually around our pond, and it's always a lot of fun. After we go on our walks, we come back to our house and either have more down time before bed, or we just get ready for bed depending on the time of our walk.
When we have the down time, we usually let the girls watch some Nick jr. while my hubby watches with them and works on his computer, He does IT for an oil company. Anyway so when they are doing that, I usually runaway to the office and start paper crafting.
This is what I did tonight...

I used my gypsy and the cartridge, Opposites Attract for the title.
But for the # 1 I used the cartridge,  Cuttin' Up. I wanted a real thick number.

This is the bottom right corner

Here is the close up the title

This is the view so you can see the frame that I used and that  I used foam tape on the number 1 

This layout was made with all CTMH pruducts, except for when I sewed the paper, LOL.
The paper pack was the Wings collection, the cardstock colors and inks used were; cocoa, juniper, and colonial white. The sticker pack was Veranda, and the frame was part of the dimensional accents we have called Framed Fun.

Again my goal is to have anew project by every "Maniac Monday". But like Monday's are, I won't know what the project is until I do it. It will either be a layout, a card, or any kind of project I can think of.
Have a great week and I'll see you again on Maniac Monday's! (=
--Miss T

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Dressers?

Hey all, hope you guys had a great St. Patty's day, I sure did. We had a great day out on the ranch. We played with our goats, and walked around our property as well as loved on some of our cows. We also had a great dinner with some of the missionaries from our church. We fed them some corn beef and cabbage with mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. Then we had mint brownies with ice cream and hot fudge for dessert! It was very tasty. (=
Before all the excitement we spent the morning cleaning and rearranging my girls bedroom because I re-did their dressers.
Here are the before pictures.

this is the top of one of the dressers

this is the front view of the dresser.

closet number 1

closet number 2 (after Daddy took out the shelf)

Under the window. First thing you see when entering the room

 The during process

after I got the stickers off

there was still residue from the stickers

we didn't have a scrub brush so after spraying Goo Gone I used a net bag that my clementines came in
It worked GREAT! 

removed the knobs

primed the drawers

Used a rubber band to help clean off the brush.
Got the idea from pintrest, 

this is the greatest primer ever!
Again got the idea from pinterest

primed and drying! 

the spray paints I used. Yes I know that spray paint isn't the best and I should have hand painted them, but I was on a budget and thought I'd give it a shot.
My oldest wanted blue and yellow to match her Toy Story bedding
My youngest wanted purple and yellow to match her Rapunzel bedding. 

yellow drawers

purple dresser

blue dresser

new knobs painted blue!

new knobs painted purple

under the window after

closet number 1 after

moved the shelf that was under the window to into the closet.

the new dressers in their new home! 

It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. It was my first time ever redoing some furniture, so it was a lot of fun to start off with something new. Next I hope to do some curtains and some vinyl decals for the girls room!
Wish me luck,
--Miss T

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Card!

Hey all, Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have a cute little card to share with you and a video of me putting it together.

I had a lot of fun coming up with the idea of this card. But I was majorly sad when I realized how small I had cut it out. But I made it work by making a small 4"x4" card. It wasn't my favorite at first because of how frustrated I was about how small it was. But it is growing on my and looks really cute on my card board display!

So in case you can't tell, I was nervous while making this card. It was my first time making a card on camera, so there is a lot of editing. I also must apologize for the the silence, I don't know how to do music on my videos yet, plus the copyright laws. (= So if any of you have any advice about music, please let me know!! (=
In the end I had a lot of fun making the card and I really hope that you all enjoy it and get inspired. 
Have a great St. Patrick's Day and enjoy your festivities!
--Miss T

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rodeo Layouts (and video)

Hey all, how have you guys been? I have been busy, busy, busy, but luckily I have been crafting.
About 2-3 weeks ago we went to the San Antonio rodeo and it was so fun. We spent the night down there and we got up bright and early and got to go see one of our cows show in the Mini Herford competition. His name is Chrome and he did pretty good.
Also this past Friday my hubby and I went to the Houston Rodeo and got to see Reba live in concert! It was my first real concert and it was amazing! I loved seeing her live. She is so funny and so sweet. Her voice is amazing and she is just beyond great!
So with the rodeos under our belt for the  year I thought it was a good idea to get some layouts done so I could have them ready for when I print my pictures.
So here are a few pictures of them....


I made all three of these from 3 different paper packs that I have had for what seems like FOREVER! I actually have a lot of paper packs, but  I hardly use them. I'm not sure why, but I just have them sitting there. So I put these three to use.
Here is a video of the pages showing them close up and I tell you a bit more about them.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
--Miss T

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Card, card, who's got the cards?

I've got them, and  I have got them all, muahaha!! Not really but  I did make a few while I have been away from my blog.
 I have to admit that I never wanted to get into the card making ways of paper crafting because I knew that I was going to like it too much and get even further behind on my scrapbooking, which has totally happened. But it's just so much easier to make a card then it is a layout. I really need to get into doing my layouts again for my girls books.
My friend and I were talking and she said that she read an article that said it is easier not to start where you left off, but to do your most current events first and work your way back. So I am thinking I might try that and see how it goes... I'll let you all know.
Now onto the fun stuff, here are some of the cards that I have been making...

I made this one because I got a new cartridge and it had the Temple on it so I was dying to use it!
 These next 3 are for the girls that I visit monthly from my church.

 Okay, so I only made 4, but still that's a lot for me since I have been so super busy lately. This weird thing called life keeps getting in the way of my crafting! LOL (=
Hope you guys haven't been too busy to not craft, and have a great new week!
Miss T

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Valentines Book (So late, I know!)

Holy Cow, what a horrible blogger I am!!
It has been so long since I have blogged and  I feel so bad about it! It has been even longer since I have made that video I promised. I feel shame!
The good news is that  I have been crafting. The bad news is my internet stinks and I can only do so much at a time. So right now I am going to upload the video and then hopefully this week I will be able to upload the pictures of my other crafts.
As you can see the video was really fast so I didn't go into a ton of details, but like I tried to explain I was in a hurry because it was like 2 AM and I was exhausted but I really wanted to get it done.
Like I said the paper I used was from the CTMH paper collection Sweet Hearts, which I am pretty sure has been retired. (Sorry about that). I also used the coordinating stickers with the book.
I found some great little stickers and frames, and metal embellishments from a JoAnn's and Target dollar spots. The little tag that is on the second page for my wedding, the one that says 'everlasting love'. Is just a regular price tag that  I bought from walmart. They have a pack of about 100 for maybe $2. I just cut out the saying from a word pack of vellum that I got from JoAnn's.
I had a lot of fun with this book and it really did not take long at all. I had a lot of fun with it and my hubby really enjoyed it as well.
The video that I got the idea from was this one...
  It doesn't take long at all to make and you an do so much with it.
I cut up some cardboard and used those as the front ad back covers just to give it a little extra strength.
Like I said I have a lot of other projects to post and I am hoping to set a goal for myself to make at least 1-2 videos a moth. So we'll see how that goes, and hopefully you all are enjoying them.
Have a great March month and I'll be back soon!
Miss T