Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 13 & 14, FINALLY!

Sorry this post took so long guys! Like I said we went out of town and got back on Tuesday, (Valentines). The day we got back we went straight to a "surprise". For Valentines day my mother in law got my girls GOATS!! I was so excited because I have been asking if we can get goats since before December.
I think I mentioned it before, but we live on a ranch and we have 5 horses, 5 cows, 4 dogs, 2 cats and now 4 goats. 2 are babies and 2 are adult does, (female). The does are pregnant and one is about to kid any day now. We are getting excited for the cuteness. Our babies that we have now, are boys and they are the ones that my girls have. They live in the house and they are bottle fed every 3 hours, which is why it has taken me so long to post. We have been trying to get a new groove going.
Here are few pictures of the goats...
These are the Does: Yuki, and Rosie. 
Yuki is on the left and she is ready to pop any day!
Goats usually have twins, so we are patiently waiting...(=

These are the baby boys.
The one on top is Tulio, and the other is Romeo.
Yes they are wearing puppy sweaters and diapers, LOL. 
As you can see they were de-horned, but it seems like the horns maybe growing back, so that is something we need to take care of soon! (=

So that is my reasoning for not being able to post. I hope it's a good enough excuse, LOL!
Anyway here are the last 2 gifts for my 14 days of Valentines.

These last two I cranked out really fast, I wanted to get them done ASAP before I left out of town so that when I got home I could give them to mu hubby.
So they were super simple and but  I still liked the way they turned out.
I used the Lacy Labels Cricut cartridge, and of coarse the Holiday Red ink, from CTMH.
We love Raspberry and chocolate candies, so when I found the Raspberry M&M's I was so super excited!
I don't like mounds, but my hubby LOVES them. So I had to get those for him.
That is the end of my 14 days of Valentines, but I have to say my mom in law out did me by getting the girls the goats, and my hubby out did me for about the next 20+ years!
I can NOT wait!! I have loved Reba for so many years! I grew up listening to her because my mom loved her. Then as time went on I grew to love her because her music grew with the times, and I fell in love with her show as well! I have the whole season!
I hope everyone had a great Valentines day and that you guys are doing well!
I have made my hubby a little Mini Album for his desk at work, so as soon as I get a chance, I'll make a quick video of it and post it. Cross your fingers it will be soon! (=
Have a great night all!
Miss T

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