Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pinkalicious Blog Hop: Pillow Box

I love blog hopping and one of my favorite blogs to hop along with every month is blog hop. She and her designers are so incredibly talented, it's a joy to look at their amazing creations!
The blog challenge was to make a goodie bag or 3D item for a holiday, any holiday.
I love all the fall/winter holidays, but I chose Halloween since that's the next big celebration and I haven't done anything Halloween in a really long time.
I really like re-using things as much as possible until there is nothing left and I recently saw this idea on YouTube so I decided to give it a try.

I came up with a pillow box.
     The supplies I used were:
 1 TP roll
 2 coordinating patterned papers
 the Cricut cartridge Happily Ever After
 liquid glass by CTMH
 and googly eyes.
The base paper is cut at 4X5.5 and the stripes are also cut at 5.5
 The strip of owl and the words were one piece of paper before I cut them up. Then I fussy cut the little owl out, but ended up not using it.
Use a strong adhesive and attach the base layer paper to the roll however you plan.
Flatten the roll. Then get a strong adhesive and fold one of the top sides in. It will make it's own natural curve. You'll need to hold it for a bit and squeeze tight so it holds it shape well. Then add the adhesive and hold a bit longer. I shoved a foam paint brush in the other end to help me keep the ends together as the adhesive set.
This is how I decorated my box. The owl is cut out at 1 and 3/4 with the Disney happily Ever After cartridge. 

I added some liquid glass to the words and to the outline of my top layer on my owl, just to make it pop a bit. Then added the googly eyes.
I'm planning on making more of these for my little girls home pre-k class that we do with friends, and just stuff them with some candies. I just haven't decided how to close the top after they are full. I'm thinking I'll either staple them or just leave it open and add some ribbon, We'll see.....

I've also made a really fun little album with some TP rolls that I will hopefully post later this week. But I just thought this was a great idea and great way to use up the rolls. Also used them as chipboard!
Have a great week

First Craft Booth!

I did it! I did my first craft booth at a local Jr. high School. It was a lot of fun. A little bumpy, but I got my product and my name out there. It was a great learning experience and I really want to do another one.
I took a lot of notes and so I have a lot of great ideas for next time. So I am going to look around and see if I can find another one to do.
Anyway, it was like a bizarre/fair to raise money for the school. They were really sweet and very accommodating. They moved us when they noticed we weren't getting a lot of foot traffic. But the great thing was not only did they move my location, but they moved me to the front, 3rd table from the entrance!!  There was music, dancing, face painting, pet adoptions, everything. My favorite thing is not only was there not another Close To My Heart booth, but there wasn't even another scrapbooking booth.

I am a spaz and totally forgot to take pictures while I was there, but here are some cards that I made for the giveaway that we participated in. (they are crappy pics from my phone but it's all I took)

The "Live. Laugh. Love." card is my favorite out of these two.

I loved how both of these turned out. I hope I can recreate them cause they are so cute and fun!
So like I said, I really enjoyed doing the booth, and I am super proud of myself for doing it. I couldn't have done it without some special ladies, so thank you to them!
I'll post about the next one I, hopefully do and I'll take pictures next time as well!


Friday, October 7, 2011

CTMH Gathering part 2!

FINALLY I have time to blog my gathering, I am so excited. I had a lot of fun at the gathering and I think my friends did as well.
I didn't get a chance to take pictures during the gathering, but  I do have some of the project I did with them as well as the decorations.
So here they are....
here's the display that I had laid out for the ladies to see

A close up, my friend and upline Penny brought some of her beautiful cards and frames and candles
that she's made with CTMH products.

A banner that I made for the party. (Still hanging in my dining room hehe)


here is a close up of some of the products. And a memory game I made my girls.

made some yummy pumpkin spice cupcakes and topped them with a than you stamp 

some stamps, brads, liquid glass, stamp cleaner, and ribbon

Everyone got a little gift bag with the project that we made

The card that we made
 Apparently these pictures loaded backwards so stay with me while I explain everything backwards. (=

the butterflies after I sponged them

base of the card after I sponged it, LOL

The layers to the card and their measurements.
Brown: 4x4, turquoise: 1 1/2x3 3/4 pattern: 3 3/4x3 3/4 

cutting the paper

sponging the butterfly.  (that's my little hand on the right -see confession post)

to add ink to paper or anything with some texture and give it a distressed look, dip a sponge onto your ink and rub onto the paper either in a circular motion, along the edge, or in just a back and forth motion.
So that was my gathering. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to have another!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haven't Forgotten.....

I promise that I have not forgotten to do the other half of my post about the gathering. But The night I had it I got sick and I stayed sick the whole weekend! It was horrible! I am still getting better and should be able to post tomorrow.
Thanks for the patience to you all!