Saturday, February 11, 2012

I "Wheelie" Love You

Day 11. 3 days to go!! 
My husband has a mini bike that he loves to ride around the ranch on it! The sad thing is, is his is broken! So he's been having to ride his Dad's until he can get his fixed. So I decided that I would get him a new bike, even though he really just wants his red one to be fixed.

He thought it was funny. He liked it, and he actually played with it! Sadly it broke about 5 minutes after he started playing with it, but you know that's what happens you buy the toy from the dollar tree, LOL.
So the tag was cut from lacy labels, (again). And That's about it.
See you guys in a couple days, I'm leaving town tomorrow, so I'll post again when I get back on Wednesday. (=

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