Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Cow Are You Feeling?"

My Aunt in Cali, hasn't been feeling very well at all. So I thought it was the perfect reason to make a card and use some items that I haven't used yet.
So lets start with the card.

I got the Create a Critter cartridge for my birthday in December and I hadn't had a chance to use it yet. I also hadn't used this really cute stamp set from CTMH, sadly they don't sell it anymore, but it's called Howdy. I loved this stamp set from last season's catalog and I couldn't wait to use it, seeing as we live on a ranch.
I used my Gypsy to weld together the barn and made that my card base. I made the card base about 12 inces long, so the card is about 6 inches when folded. I can't remember how tall I made it, but it fit in a regular sized envelope. The cow is made from CTMH cardstock papers and I used the Chocolate colored ink from Close To My Heart as well.

I chose this saying from the card, thought it went well.
I had a lot of fun using items that I hadn't before and had been wanting to!
I hope everyone can look through their fun scrapbooking stuff and find things you can use!
Have a great new week!
Miss T

Day 13 & 14, FINALLY!

Sorry this post took so long guys! Like I said we went out of town and got back on Tuesday, (Valentines). The day we got back we went straight to a "surprise". For Valentines day my mother in law got my girls GOATS!! I was so excited because I have been asking if we can get goats since before December.
I think I mentioned it before, but we live on a ranch and we have 5 horses, 5 cows, 4 dogs, 2 cats and now 4 goats. 2 are babies and 2 are adult does, (female). The does are pregnant and one is about to kid any day now. We are getting excited for the cuteness. Our babies that we have now, are boys and they are the ones that my girls have. They live in the house and they are bottle fed every 3 hours, which is why it has taken me so long to post. We have been trying to get a new groove going.
Here are few pictures of the goats...
These are the Does: Yuki, and Rosie. 
Yuki is on the left and she is ready to pop any day!
Goats usually have twins, so we are patiently waiting...(=

These are the baby boys.
The one on top is Tulio, and the other is Romeo.
Yes they are wearing puppy sweaters and diapers, LOL. 
As you can see they were de-horned, but it seems like the horns maybe growing back, so that is something we need to take care of soon! (=

So that is my reasoning for not being able to post. I hope it's a good enough excuse, LOL!
Anyway here are the last 2 gifts for my 14 days of Valentines.

These last two I cranked out really fast, I wanted to get them done ASAP before I left out of town so that when I got home I could give them to mu hubby.
So they were super simple and but  I still liked the way they turned out.
I used the Lacy Labels Cricut cartridge, and of coarse the Holiday Red ink, from CTMH.
We love Raspberry and chocolate candies, so when I found the Raspberry M&M's I was so super excited!
I don't like mounds, but my hubby LOVES them. So I had to get those for him.
That is the end of my 14 days of Valentines, but I have to say my mom in law out did me by getting the girls the goats, and my hubby out did me for about the next 20+ years!
I can NOT wait!! I have loved Reba for so many years! I grew up listening to her because my mom loved her. Then as time went on I grew to love her because her music grew with the times, and I fell in love with her show as well! I have the whole season!
I hope everyone had a great Valentines day and that you guys are doing well!
I have made my hubby a little Mini Album for his desk at work, so as soon as I get a chance, I'll make a quick video of it and post it. Cross your fingers it will be soon! (=
Have a great night all!
Miss T

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pink Stamper Blog Hop

I haven't done one of Robyn's blog hops in such a long time, I think it was last Summer! I am so glad that I am back in the habit of crafting everyday and actually posting! I was so excited about this blog hop because I have been making my hubby a Valentine colored brag book for work. So I already had a lot of the colors and Valentine themed things out to use.
The criteria for the project is to use a circle, the color red, pink ribbon, and more then one [Pink Stamper] stamp.

I JUST realized as I was uploading this picture, that I forgot to add pink ribbon! What a doof I can be. Well I tried.
For my circle I used a piece of grunge board and stamped my sentiment on it.
For the color red, I used embossing powder on the pink square paper, as well as red ink for my sentiment.
For the 2 different stamps, I used the sentiment and the back round two step on the pink square of paper.
The base is a standard 8.5X11" paper cut in half and folded at 4.25".
I cut the pink square at 3X3 and the scalloped circle by 4.25". I wrapped some thread around the scallop circle to give it a little pop, too bad I didn't do it in pink because then maybe I could have passed that off as pink ribbon, LOL (= I got the butterfly's from CTMH as well as the patterned paper.
Hope you all liked the card even though I forgot the ribbon. I really enjoyed making it and plan on keeping it on display in my office for while on my card frame.
As I am looking at the picture I don't know if I like the grunge board it seems to not really match...O-well I still enjoy it. (=
Have a great week all and I 'll be back Wednesday!!
Miss T

I "Wheelie" Love You

Day 11. 3 days to go!! 
My husband has a mini bike that he loves to ride around the ranch on it! The sad thing is, is his is broken! So he's been having to ride his Dad's until he can get his fixed. So I decided that I would get him a new bike, even though he really just wants his red one to be fixed.

He thought it was funny. He liked it, and he actually played with it! Sadly it broke about 5 minutes after he started playing with it, but you know that's what happens you buy the toy from the dollar tree, LOL.
So the tag was cut from lacy labels, (again). And That's about it.
See you guys in a couple days, I'm leaving town tomorrow, so I'll post again when I get back on Wednesday. (=

Friday, February 10, 2012

You're the Bomb!

I stole this idea from Pinterest. I really liked it and my hubby said it was his favorite so far as well! 
I cut the letters out with Old West and the heart with George and Basic Shapes. I used my edge distresser on the heart. The tag is super simple and a bit boring, but it was late and I had put most my effort into the "bomb". The rope that I used was left over from my sister's wedding, I think she got it at Hobby Lobby. It was all super easy and fun to make.

I realized that I am going to be gone for a couple days, out of town. So I won't post toast until the like Wednesday, but I will be sure to add all the pictures! 
Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thank You For Being My Big Red Bear

Ok so day 9, I made this tage from lacy labels and with CTMH card stock. I made this phrase up my self because my husband is about a foot taller then me, red headed, and he growls like a bear. He is a very funny guy, he and our daughters are always trying to out growl each other. Sadly all three of them can out growl me!
Anyway, here is the picture...

I found the little box at the dollar tree, and inside is a little red stuffed bear. Which  I also got from the dollar store. I love the dollar store, even though I won't be going to that specific one anymore. While we were there this mean lady who worked there, yelled at my friend and I because our girls were playing with the toys! We were appalled at her attitude, I wanted so badly to talk to the manager about this crazy lady, but I decided to let it go since I had the girls and my friend in the car.
Another gift for this phrase could be, the cinnamon bears, which are super tasty!
Have a great evening guys!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Love You to Pieces!

Day 8 of 14. Here's the tag of the day!
It's one of my husbands favorite candy treats. I hid it in his sock drawer this time.

 Pretty simple stuff. I made the tag from Twinkle Toes Cricut Cartridge and inked words with the CTMH ink.
See you tomorrow and the following 5 days! (=

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We're two of a kind

Day 7 and staying strong. Can you guys believe there is only a week left until Valentines day?! It's so crazy to me, it feels like January just started. Now we are a week into February!
Well here was the gift that I left for my hubby. We love to play card games, so I thought this one was a good idea. I left a pack of cards as well. (=

I just put the cards in an envelope so it would stay up on the wall by the front door where I left it for him to find.
I can't believe I haven't said this before, but PLEASE, PLEASE leave comments. Let me know what you have done for your sweetie. Add a picture if you want. Hope you guys have a great new week (=

Monday, February 6, 2012

You and I make Cents

This tag is as easy and lazy as a tag can get! A few years back I got this tag from the  dollar spot at Target. I needed to make a quick one for the morning, so I just inked the edges and taped them to the tag and adhered the coin with a glue dot.
Simple, fast and easy, and yet the hubby really liked it because he is a coin FREAK! Lol.

As you can see, this one was really small, so small that he didn't see it! I hit it in with his under shirts.
He found it when he got home and he had such a goofy smile on his cute face.
Have a great Monday night everyone!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 4 and 5

Sorry I didn't have time to post yesterday. It was a crazy and fun Saturday. But the good news is, that means I have 2 pictures today!
Here is day 4 (yesterday),  first:
Day 4
 I didn't have a gift for this tag, it was just the little love message.
Again I used Lacy Labels and Holiday Red ink from Close To My Heart. I used random buttons that I have and a white prima flower that I inked.

Day 5
For day 5 I used my Old West Cricut Cartridge. As you can see this one was extremely simple. But it is way cute, and the Hubster really liked it. It was perfect for Sunday because it was Fast Sunday and we chew gum after we take the Sacrament.
I have been hiding them in different places every day, so he has a new surprise in a new place every time. That's why this is my the light switch. (=

I'd like to take this chance and express how much I have enjoyed this wonderful Sunday. I had a great day at Church and enjoyed a great evening at home with my family. I was  nervous to go to church today, but I continued to have a calming feeling and I had the most amazing lessons. I got to visit with friends and feel my Saviors love. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and my family, and I am so incredibly grateful for the countless blessing that he has bestowed upon my family. There are so many I can't even begin to count. But they are as big as the beautiful acreage we live on, to as small as being able to scrapbook everyday.
I hope you all had a great Sunday and have a great week!
Thanks for taking a look at my blog,
Tina (=

Friday, February 3, 2012

I Am Banana's For You

Day 3 of 14. I left my husband a banana for day 3 and he didn't find it! I left it in the fridge and he woke up late and didn't have time  for breakfast, little does he know if he had opened the fridge he would have had a breakfast on the go! 
So I cut the tag at 3 and 3/4 from lacy labels and used some plain raffia that i smudged with the Holiday Red ink.
Pretty simple stuff. I'll bee posting again tomorrow, and I hope you guys are enjoying these 14 days of Valentine's I know I am having fun with it, and I do hope to get a video up soon.
I also need to know that I did NOT come up with these ideas by myself, I have stolen most of them from Pinterest. And you are more then welcome to follow me! 
Have a great day all and I'll be back tomorrow!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"You Make My Heart Bounce"

Today was day two of the 14 days of Valentines.

Here was the gift I gave the hubby for day 2. It was a pack of 3 bouncy balls. Basket, soccer, and baseball.
I cut the tag out at 3 inches also from Lacy Labels in a light, and dark pink cardstock. The dark cardstock I wrapped with thread to give it a little something. Then I popped the words up with foam adhesive and distressed them with the CTMH Holiday Red Stamp Pad. I punched a hole off to the side and added some plain gross grain ribbon.
I am having a lot of fun with this and it surprised me, but I like it. I think he is as well.
Happy Valentines guys.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1

Hey guys,
I decided this year that I am going to do the 14 days of Valentines for my hubby. I never wanted to do it before because I thought it was super cheesy. But this year I had such a hard time figuring out what to get my husband that I decided, to give it a try.
I'm hoping to make a few videos of the making of the tags, but the thing is, I really do live in the boondocks. Meaning, my internet is pretty sad. So I did make a video of a Valentines day card that I made, but I can't get the video loaded. I think it might be too long for my internet to handle.
My internet is about a notch above old school dial-up.
So today was day 1, (obviously)! I made him a tag that said "You are a nice piece of meat" and it was attached to a bag of beef jerky. One of my hubbs favorite snacks.

 I made the tag a little huge, but I liked it. I cut two out at 4 inches with Lacey Labels. One in the shift mode and one without shift. The shifted cut was cut in red and painted with a light layer of white paint, then I distressed the edges with my CTMH edge distresser. I embossed he top layer with the embossing folder block hearts from Provo, Craft. I inked the edges with the CTMH Holiday Red Stamp Pad, as well as the words. I popped the words up with the foam dimensionals, and wrapped some random ribbon around the bottom.
I hope you guys enjoyed the card and have a great Valentines! (=