Saturday, September 17, 2011

Close To My Heart booklet and my first giveaway!

Hey all! How is everyone? Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted anything, but I finally got my CTMH kit and I have been studying and trying to get a hold of everything I need to learn.
I have been having a lot of fun with it, but this is my first time I have ever done anything like this, so I am trying to learn as much as I can. Plus I have my girls pre-k I am doing, and a new calling at my church that I have been helping out with. So I have just been a little busy lately.
Anyway like  I said I got my kit and my upline came over and helped me go through it, so I knew what was what. She also gave me a free gift that I absolutely loved!
It's a little book that you can put together with ribbon, and decorate with coordinating stamp inks, stamps, and cut outs!  There were three books that you can make, a pink, a blue, and an orange one. I put together the pink and blue one, but I only decorated the pink one because of time. I am hoping to make the orange one on camera but I am still debating whether or not to do videos.
I also made a chipboard album that I want to post the video of, but again I am still not sure on whether or not I am going to do video blogs.
Anyway, here are the pictures of the little booklet, hope you like it!

Here is the pink booklet

First pages
I added the stamped image on the left page and the popped up flower on the right and you can see the flap and the velcro tab. 

These pages I added the photo corners and the "pure delight" stamp

I added the pop up flower and the journal tag as well as the words "Laugh" and "Live". The flower and the journal tags were empty, as well as everything else that I added. The paper pieces came with coordinating stamps.

The pages fold out so I added some decoration.

Tried to get them to match

This page says "Sweet Moments and then the photo corners again

Last page  I did the same as the first 2.

I left the back empty.
 You can see the flap that comes over and it came with Velcro tabs so you can shut it. 

Here's the backside and the front. You can see the velcro dot, the  popped up flower, and the ribbon.
The only thing on this booklet that is not made by CTMH is the pink ribbon. I have CTMH ribbon, but I wanted to save it for another project.
I really did have fun making this book, and I really want to make the others. I have a CTMH gathering coming up soon and I can't wait for it! I have to come up with a card design for it using the new stuff that I got.
I hope I am going to do OK at hosting it. So we'll see....

I really love this booklet, but I really want to share it with everyone. So leave a comment on this post about what you would do with this booklet if you win it. Then I'll post the winner in about a week.
Good luck!


  1. I would use it as a template to make more albums for my daughters class. It's awesome.

  2. Yay! I love CTMH stuff! When I was going to BYU, my best friend/roomie was in product development at the CTMH headquarters, so we always got to try out all the new stuff before anyone else! you know, I have 2 new babies, and I've been waiting a LONG time to have a reason to make fun, girly stuff, so I would use the album to start scrapbooking my twin girls' adventures!