Monday, August 1, 2011

Grawe Sign

I am so excited to have a crafting blog again! Like our old family blog it got a virus and just died. But again I decided to start a blogspot, so far I am really liking it. It seems to be a lot easier to upload pictures, and that is a huge plus for me because most of my posts are just pictures.
So any way here is one craft that I have done lately!

I have been talking about doing this sign FOREVER! My sister made a sign like this one about 4 years ago, except with hers it says Family instead of her last name. And I have loved it the moment I saw it. But I really wanted to personalize it to my house and my family. Well obviously I decided to have our last time.
I did steal the idea of doing all the letters being miss-matched. My sister had the letters like this: "FaMilY" and they were all different sizes picture frames as well. I guess the person who taught her how to make the sign said it was suppose  My last name doesn't have as many letters but I did try with the upper and lower case letters with the different size pictures frames as well. Personally I loved the way it came out. I already had the brown vinyl, (I wanted to use green but I didn't want to buy more vinyl when I already had a color that would work) so I used green ribbon to bring in the green of my living room.
The tree is a great art decoration that the Easter Bunny brought me in my basket. If you know me, you know that I love trees!
I hope you enjoyed my first post for this blog. Please leave a comment. (=

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