Sunday, March 4, 2012

Card, card, who's got the cards?

I've got them, and  I have got them all, muahaha!! Not really but  I did make a few while I have been away from my blog.
 I have to admit that I never wanted to get into the card making ways of paper crafting because I knew that I was going to like it too much and get even further behind on my scrapbooking, which has totally happened. But it's just so much easier to make a card then it is a layout. I really need to get into doing my layouts again for my girls books.
My friend and I were talking and she said that she read an article that said it is easier not to start where you left off, but to do your most current events first and work your way back. So I am thinking I might try that and see how it goes... I'll let you all know.
Now onto the fun stuff, here are some of the cards that I have been making...

I made this one because I got a new cartridge and it had the Temple on it so I was dying to use it!
 These next 3 are for the girls that I visit monthly from my church.

 Okay, so I only made 4, but still that's a lot for me since I have been so super busy lately. This weird thing called life keeps getting in the way of my crafting! LOL (=
Hope you guys haven't been too busy to not craft, and have a great new week!
Miss T

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