Sunday, April 8, 2012

Maniac Monday

Quick Maniac Monday post, I am trying to get ready for our camping/road trip. I am so excited!
We are going to camp in Zions with my sister and her family for about 3 nights then we are headed North to visit some of My hubby's family and then back down again for my Brother in Law's wedding and then heading home the day after the wedding. It's going to be a long crazy and awesome trip!
So I  won't be here to do Maniac Monday for the next 2 weeks. But  I do hope that whoever is following and reading is enjoying the series and getting inspired at least a little bit!
This week of coarse we did Easter fun-ness.

Nest eggs

I forgot the 'F' in Crafts. So it says, "CRATS ROCK!"

I forgot the 'A'. It should say Maniac Monday.
LOL I don't know what my problem was, HAHA.

These were for our Easter Baskets. I used the Creat a Critter cricut cartridge.

Easter Basket Cake
I added the Peeps with the eggs. (=

Shaving Cream Eggs
Mine didn't turn out that great. The color would bead off after a while, but it was really coo to try.
Plus my little people did it, so they mixed the colors all together. HAHA
Easter was a great day for us and I really appreciate being able to spend the day with my family and my friends from Church. I am so grateful for my religion and the beliefs that we have,  and for the Savior and His Son!
Hope you all had a great Easter, and I'll be back in 2 weeks!
--Miss T

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